A snapshot of Moneydig Harvest

Thank you to everyone who helped make our harvest celebrations in Moneydig such a great success. The church was beautifully decorated as you can see from the gallery above. The choir sang beautifully and Alan and Carol McAleese spoke from the heart when they were interviewed about the difference Christ has made in their lives.

Click here to listen again to the harvest services and please remember we meet again as church on Sunday morning at 12 noon.

Bible Study on the Life of Moses

Our Bible Study continues tonight at 8pm in The Ferguson Room. We are continuing with our Moses theme which we have been considering on Sunday mornings.

Tonight we will be thinking about Exodus 12 which teaches us about the Passover. We will also be celebrating communion tonight. Follow the link below to read the questions we will be considering tonight.

190925 Moses (5) bible study questions

Harvest in Moneydig

This Sunday, 29th September, is our Harvest Celebration in Moneydig Presbyterian Church at 12 noon and 7:30 pm.

Harvest is a wonderful time of year as our gardens and fields begin to change, take on new colours and of course bear fruit. At harvest we take the opportunity to give thanks to God and to bring some of that amazing colour into the church. The harvest service is always a celebration of colour and music which we use to give thanks to God for his incredible goodness.

This year Alan and Carol McAleese will be speaking at our evening service about how God has changed their lives and the impact this has had on how they do family life and work. Watch a short extract from what they will be saying here.

So please do come along and join us this Sunday at 12 noon and 7:30pm as we give thanks for God’s goodness.

Hot Chocolate Friday

Hot Choc Friday is here again!
The afternoon starts by all the youth parading off the bus much to the bus driver’s confusion, as we march down the drive to where donuts, cookies and hot chocolate are waiting for us. After we are finished eating way too much we head outside and play. It’s an afternoon of great fun and craic, enjoyed by all !

Dale, Olivia, Paul, Erin, Jacob, Ellen, Cameron, Lois, Ethan, Sophie, Robin, Ellie, Jonathan, Katie and Luke

Bible Study (Job 1 & 2)

Tonight our bible study begins at 8pm in the Ferguson Room at Moneydig Presbyterian Church. We will be looking at Job chapters 1 & 2 trying to understand what God’s purpose is in suffering. We meet at 8pm and will aim to be finished by 9pm. Please do come along and feel free to ask questions or simply listen to the discussion. The bible study will be led by our minister Stuart Morrow.

If you would like to think through some of the questions we will be asking then please follow the link below.

Bible Study (Job 1 and 2) 11th September 2019

Cleopas Retreat

If you attended our Encountering God course back in February then you will be familiar with the work of Cleopas

Cleopas is a ministry designed to transform lives through encountering the living Christ and is run by Roz Stirling.

Roz Stirling

Roz has announced more retreats, some designed to help ministers, elders and church leaders.

Cleopas Autumn 2019

What I particularly like about the work of Cleopas is that while Roz has a heart for supporting leaders she also recognises the importance of standing with and encouraging the many more church members in our congregations. With this in mind Cleopas is also running a number of opportunities for all of us to spend reflecting in stillness and quietness on God’s word.

Having benefited from a number of Cleopas retreats I heartily recommend the work of Cleopas and Roz Stirling.

Paragraphs of the Code relevant to election of elders

Paragraph 30

The duty of ruling elders as members of Kirk Session is to work together with the minister in the oversight and government of the congregation, for the upbuilding of God’s people in spiritual fruitfulness and holy concord, and for the extension of Christ’s kingdom among all people. In exercising this leadership, the Kirk Session shall oversee and work along with other members who have leadership roles in the congregation.

Ruling elders, by their calling, share equally with ministers in responsibility for practical witness both within the congregation and in the wider world.

In the discharge of their duties each elder should be assigned by the Kirk Session pastoral responsibilities and/or other leadership roles in the congregation.

The Kirk Session, along with the Minister, should seek to ensure that all elders are equipped to fulfil their duties.

Paragraph 31

To be chosen for the office of the eldership in a congregation a person must be a voting member of that congregation and a regular attendant on its ordinances. He should be circumspect and exemplary in his conduct, both in the Church and in the world, of acknowledged piety, endeavouring to maintain the worship of God in his family and held in esteem by the people. Women shall be eligible for election on the same conditions as men.

A ruling elder shall not hold office in more than one congregation at the same time, except as a member of an interim Session.

Sub-paragraph (2) shall not apply to retired ministers who may be members in the congregation

Paragraph 175

Voting members in the Church are communicants on the roll of the congregation who are listed, whether by name or number, as having contributed to the stipend or weekly freewill offering of the congregation in the last financial year.

In addition to those so listed the following shall also be qualified, if themselves communicants on the roll –

(a) A wife shall be qualified on a husband’s contribution, and vice versa, where both are communicants. This shall also apply should the contributor himself or herself not be a communicant. If neither husband nor wife in such circumstances is a communicant, then their contribution shall qualify the eldest child, residing in the family, who is on the communicants’ roll.

(b) Should a contributor, who is not a communicant, be a member of a family residing together, then his contribution shall qualify the eldest member residing in the family who is on the communicants’ roll.

(c) Those who have been added to the communicants’ roll of the congregation since the close of the last financial year, upon confirmation by the treasurer that they have contributed during the current year, shall also be qualified voters.

Paragraph 176

(c) Should any member of the congregation who claims to be a voting member desire to make an objection regarding any name on the list, or omitted from the list, he shall lodge his objections, with his reasons in writing, with the Moderator of Kirk Session within a week of the first publication of the lists by any of the prescribed methods; and the Kirk Session shall give its decision thereon or refer the matter for decision by Presbytery.

(d) Should any member objecting be dissatisfied with the decision of the Kirk Session with respect to his own or another’s qualifications he shall have the right of appeal to Presbytery within seven days. The same right belongs in such cases to any member of the Kirk Session, including any assessors that may have been appointed by Presbytery.

(e) When the voters’ list has been finalised by the Kirk Session without appeal or reference, or by the Presbytery after appeal or reference, it shall be dated, signed and certified as correct by the presiding Moderator, who shall forthwith have it lodged with the Clerk of Presbytery, with a certified copy being retained by the Moderator or interim Moderator of Kirk Session as the case may be. This procedure must be completed before proceeding to the election.

Youth Fellowship

Youth Fellowship commences this Sunday with a barbecue at Steven and Denise’s 4pm all year 8 and up are very welcome!

We have a great programme planned for 2019/20 including our own Youth weekend away which will see us escaping from Portrush in a very fashionable manner!

With Bible study, Carol singing, pizza nights and maybe even a spot of gardening at Moneydig Youth Fellowship we can guarantee the 4 F’s – Fellowship Friendship Fun and Food!

Come along and see for yourself watch the church diary for details.