As we begin a new year I want to take some time to set something of my vision for the church in 2021. Since arriving in Moneydig in May 2014 we have been very much focused on discipleship, the building up of God’ s people. The best example of this has been in the mentoring programs which we have offered.

While discipleship will continue to be at the forefront of all we do, and the offer to be mentored remains for any who are interested in deepening their faith, I do sense God shifting our focus as a church, to one that is more outward looking.

Over the coming year it is my hope and prayer that we as a church will become more visible in our community in terms of providing practical help and service, but also in our desire to make known the good news of Jesus Christ. The necessary closure of churches has shown us the importance of the church scattered as well as the church gathered. It has shown us the impact we can have as individual Christians representing the church in our own neighbourhoods, workplaces and families.

I hope we will build on this in 2021 as we become more involved in the world around us.

The gathered church is still an important part of the christian life. With this in mind I want to give an indication of what that gathering will look like. We will take time this year to explore the catechism. The catechism is how we teach our children the truths of the Christian faith. Over the years this has become more about learning statements of by heart rather than learning the reason for those statements.

We will therefore spend time thinking about our confession, or our beliefs as we as a congregation relearn the catechism.

During the period of lent we will take time to think through the implications of that part of the Lord’s prayer that says, Thy will be done. This will lead us into Easter when our focus will be on John’s gospel and the invitations of Jesus Christ. We will use Easter as an opportunity to invite people to encounter the living Lord Jesus.

Continuing the theme of mission we will spend 4 weeks considering what it means for us as a church to be a sent people. We are instructed to go into the world.

We will also read the book o Haggai which will bring us up to Advent once more.

Please do take the time to prepare for all we do on a Sunday morning. The readings and themes will be posted ahead of time this year. As we gather and scatter as a church pray for God’s leading and speaking to each one of us, that we would make him known to all the nations.