Growing up I belonged to Aghadowey Presbyterian Church. I learnt about God in the Sunday School and the Girl’s Auxiliary. I also went to another Sunday School in the summertime.


During my teens I attended a mission run by the Faith Mission. I don’t remember what was said at the meeting, but I do know that I agreed with everything that was said by the pilgrims and it was there that I came to faith. I had probably heard it all before in my own church but it all just seemed to mean more that night. My ‘soon to be’ husband Tommy came to faith at the same time.


After marrying Tommy I moved to Moneydig Presbyterian Church. I was a Sunday School teacher and Sunday School Superintendent for 50 years. I didn’t find the responsibility easy because at that young age I felt that I was not good at speaking or organising things.

When Tommy became an elder in the church that involved me too. Every time Tommy went to visit he expected me to go too. I was able to help him talk, especially to the women in the households. As an elder’s wife one church event really stands out. It was the installation of a new minister in Moneydig and as elder’s wife I had to sit on the platform at the front with the other elder’s wives.

My faith has helped me at each stage of my life. God was there for me when I served in Sunday School and as an elder’s wife. He was also there during the difficult times when my parents died, when my sister was killed in a car accident and more recently, when Tommy died.


The Covid 19 pandemic has been hard for everyone. I found being in the house, with no visitors, exceedingly difficult at the beginning of the first lockdown. However, since then I have found ways to cope. I try to go out for a walk every day. Relatives take me to do my shopping once a week which means I get the opportunity to see a few people. I can pick up the telephone and talk to friends at any time. And I look forward to receiving a CD of the online church service every week – I usually keep it to listen to on a Sunday. So, I have grown more content over the course of the last few months. And, of course, God has been with me throughout and will continue to be by my side.