The church needs people of different gifts, it needs to have a diverse leadership. The church also needs that leadership to be working together and pulling in the same direction. The way to work together is to worship together.
The book of Acts is a story of how the church learnt how to be the church away from the building. It is a book of how to be the church in the community, in the towns, the workplaces and family environments. It is a book that has relevance for us today because of the situation we find ourselves in.
The lesson of Easter and the Pentecost is that while God chooses to use us in telling others about Jesus, the work is very much his. It is the work of his Spirit in our lives and in the lives of the people we are talking to.
Since Easter we have been thinking about what happens now. Easter has come and gone. We’ve heard the story of Jesus crucifixion, death and resurrection. Hopefully, we have been told what a significant moment this was in history and how important it still is for each one of us today. But what now? How does Easter change lives, change how we live? What is the lasting impact of Easter or is it simply forgotten and put away for another year, recycled like the cardboard so many Easter eggs came in?
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