Prayer in Moneydig

Tonight we meet for prayer in Moneydig at 8pm. Each Wednesday evening we gather for bible study and prayer on a week about basis. There are usually 10 – 12 people meeting in what is a friendly and encouraging environment. Our prayer time is structured in a way to help people to pray who maybe haven’t prayed in public before or who feel uncomfortable with the idea of praying in an open meeting like this. Our prayer time is guided so that we begin with worshiping God for who he is. It is important we come to God simply becuase he is God and not becuase we want something from him. 191120 Prayer Meeting

Confession and forgiveness are an important part of our prayer time. We acknowledge our need of God’s forgiveness in our own lives and celebrate how he not only forgives but completely cleanses us from all unrighteousness, clothing us in the righteousness of Christ. An incredible concept for any of us to get our heads around. It is the realisation of all Christ has done that motivates us to be a forgiving people. During our prayer time we are encouraged to forgive any who might have wronged us. This is an important part of our relationship with God becuase it frees us from those feelings of bitterness and resentment which harms only ourselves.

As with many prayer times we ask God to act on behalf of our families, communities and wider world as we pray for others. The Presbyterian Church in Ireland very helpfully produce a Let’s Pray resource which helps us pray for the local church and the wider global church.

Everyone is welcome to come along each Wednesday. It doesn’t matter if you have no faith, a young faith filled with questions or if you have walked this life for many years. Prayer is for everyone and we look forward to journeying with you as we all learn how to pray.

TIDES from Presbyterian Church in Ireland on Vimeo.

Other resources that might help with prayer include.

Tearfund Prayer Diary 

Tides Daily Devotional 


Who is the Holy Spirit?

Tonight in Moneydig Presbyterian Church at 8pm we meet for Bible Study. We will spend some time thinking about who is the Holy Spirit?

I wonder what do we think of when we hear the term Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost as in the King James Version. Do we think of the Spirit as a person or some kind of Divine force? What is the role of the Spirit in our salvation, or in the church? These are just some of the questions we will be asking tonight. So why not come along and explore this very important aspect of God’s character and revelation to us.

191113 Bible Study (The Holy Spirit) Questions

Communion in Moneydig

This Sunday we celebrate communion in Moneydig at 12 noon and 7pm. All are welcome to join with us. During this communion season we are thinking about God’s covenant with us. A covenant in which he pursues us after sin meant we were evicted from the Garden of Eden. God’s pursuit ends at the cross when he steps into our shoes in order that we could be readmitted to God’s presence.

God’s pursuit of us leads to our redemption, but not just our redemption but the whole of creation. Everything about this broken world will be put right and made new. This is good news when we look on in despair at the news of 39 people killed in a refrigerated lorry, constant bickering among politicians or the hungry starving while the rich throw away what they can’t eat. All of this will be redeemed in justice and mercy.

Finally God’s covenant sends us out into this hurting world with the good news of a saviour, a message of hope and future glory.

Come and join us this Sunday at 12 noon and 7 pm as we celebrate all God has done for us.

If you would like to listen again to our series on Moses which we just finished last week then click here.

Bible Study Romans 13

Tonight (Wednesday 9th October) our Bible Study (Romans 13) meets in the Ferguson room in Moneydig Church Halls. We will be picking up on our Sunday service on the life of Moses and how God expects us to submit to his authority – simply becuase he is God. Click here to listen again.

Why not come along tonight and join our conversation.


A snapshot of Moneydig Harvest

Thank you to everyone who helped make our harvest celebrations in Moneydig such a great success. The church was beautifully decorated as you can see from the gallery above. The choir sang beautifully and Alan and Carol McAleese spoke from the heart when they were interviewed about the difference Christ has made in their lives.

Click here to listen again to the harvest services and please remember we meet again as church on Sunday morning at 12 noon.

Bible Study on the Life of Moses

Our Bible Study continues tonight at 8pm in The Ferguson Room. We are continuing with our Moses theme which we have been considering on Sunday mornings.

Tonight we will be thinking about Exodus 12 which teaches us about the Passover. We will also be celebrating communion tonight. Follow the link below to read the questions we will be considering tonight.

190925 Moses (5) bible study questions

Harvest in Moneydig

This Sunday, 29th September, is our Harvest Celebration in Moneydig Presbyterian Church at 12 noon and 7:30 pm.

Harvest is a wonderful time of year as our gardens and fields begin to change, take on new colours and of course bear fruit. At harvest we take the opportunity to give thanks to God and to bring some of that amazing colour into the church. The harvest service is always a celebration of colour and music which we use to give thanks to God for his incredible goodness.

This year Alan and Carol McAleese will be speaking at our evening service about how God has changed their lives and the impact this has had on how they do family life and work. Watch a short extract from what they will be saying here.

So please do come along and join us this Sunday at 12 noon and 7:30pm as we give thanks for God’s goodness.

Hot Chocolate Friday

Hot Choc Friday is here again!
The afternoon starts by all the youth parading off the bus much to the bus driver’s confusion, as we march down the drive to where donuts, cookies and hot chocolate are waiting for us. After we are finished eating way too much we head outside and play. It’s an afternoon of great fun and craic, enjoyed by all !

Dale, Olivia, Paul, Erin, Jacob, Ellen, Cameron, Lois, Ethan, Sophie, Robin, Ellie, Jonathan, Katie and Luke