read John 20:11-18

Jesus said to her , ‘Mary.’ She turned towards him and cried out in Aramaic, ‘Rabboni!’ (which means ‘Teacher’)

John 20:16

In these next set of reflections we are thinking about the impact the risen Lord Jesus has on us. The first impact is that we are known by him.

In the reading from John 20: 11-16 we are told the story of how Mary remained at the empty tomb after Peter and John returned to where they had been staying.

It’s not hard to imagine how Mary was feeling. Grief stricken because of how she had watched Jesus die. That grief may well have turned to panic or anger when she discovered the empty tomb… the only possible explanation being that Jesus body had been stolen, or moved, or hidden. (Read verse 13 & 15)

Mary was so overcome she couldn’t see beyond her own grief, as heartfelt and genuine as it was. Even when Jesus spoke to her she didn’t see who he was, all she could think about was the fact that she couldn’t find Jesus body. Notice the personal pronouns in this conversation.

Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will get him.

Mary’s own grief, her own feelings, her own need to fix the situation blinded her to the fact Jesus was standing before her. How many times do we find ourselves in a position where we are so intent in rescuing a situation, so consumed by something that we are blinded to the fact that Jesus is standing before us.

This is where the wonder of the resurrection impacts our lives. Jesus did not allow Mary to continue to fixate on herself. He wanted her to lift her eyes away from her own situation and see him. How he did this was incredibly gentle and personal. He called Mary by name.

When we are called by name we stop. Our name being said out loud draws our attention away form what we are doing to the one who calls us. So it was for Mary, she turned towards Jesus.

The risen Lord Jesus knows us by name, he calls us by name that we would be pulled up short, that our eyes would be lifted off those things which grab our attention, good or bad, and focused on him.

Last week Julia encouraged us to be still before God.

This morning in that stillness listen for God calling your name, lifting your eyes off the things that distract you and onto him.

Prayer Lord Jesus this morning I thank you that you know me by name. Thank you that you call my name. Lord, help me to hear that calling that my eyes would be lifted off the distractions of this world and focused on you in complete worship. Amen

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