This morning’s focus in on chapters 5,6 & 7

Ezekiel is a very visual book. It has more visions than any other book of the bible but along side the visions we read about visual role plays such as in these chapters. Ezekiel has been lying on his side depicting the siege of Jerusalem. As part of this role play, he has been told to shave his head and beard with a sword, scattering burning 1/3 of the hair in the city, 1/3 in the surrounding area and 1/3 scattered to the wind.

This represented how God was about to judge Jerusalem and the surrounding countryside with the sword bringing death and for those who did not die, they would be scattered.

The reason for God’s anger and judgement was the lack of respect, honour and obedience Judah and Jerusalem had shown to God.

Yet in her wickedness she has rebelled against my laws and decrees more than the nations and countries around her. She has rejected my laws and has not followed my decrees.

Ezekiel 5:6

Have we taken seriously God’s laws and commands? Do we read our bibles and understand that God is speaking to us? When scripture talks about love for our neighbour, forgiveness, and the centrality of God in our lives that these are not options but commands. Have we taken seriously the warning of scripture that to ignore these commands comes at cost? Judgement.

The Old Testament people of Jerusalem and Judah were playing at honouring God. They never really took on board the warning of judgement. What about us, have we taken God’s word seriously?

The good news of the gospel is that God’s judgement does not have to be in our future, by repenting – turning away from our blasé attitude to God and take seriously his plea for us to trust in Christ for forgiveness and new life, instead of judgement we receive life, acceptance, and the promise of eternity in the light of God’s glory.

Will we allow God’s word to take root in our lives or will we continue to think it will never happen, until of course it does.

Prayer Father forgive me for my blasé attitude to you word and to Christ. Open my eyes to the truth and certainty of your word and so may it take root in my life in such a way that causes changes to how I live. May the grace of Jesus be the guide by which I live. Amen.

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