7The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.

Psalm 46:7

Do you feel alone right now?  Perhaps you live alone and have had no one to talk to in your house for weeks.  Maybe you have no internet access and feel isolated because you are not able to participate in online worship services.   You have to wait for a CD of the service or a printed copy of these reflections.  Or perhaps you live with others but there just doesn’t seem to be much to talk about these days.

Loneliness seems to strike everyone at some stage of their lives.  However the enforced isolation that the coronavirus has brought has contributed to this feeling.  You can lift the phone to talk to others but you still miss the touch of another human being and the feeling of well-being that can bring.  Talking to grandkids through a window doesn’t bring the same satisfaction as being in the same room as them.  Talking to relatives in hospitals and care homes via Skype or WhatsApp or perhaps not being in contact with them at all can be heart-breaking. 

However, no matter how alone we feel, in reality we are not alone.  ‘The Lord Almighty is with us’.  We do not always feel as if he is near us but if we base our lives on the promises contained in the Bible we know that our feelings do not always correspond with the reality of our situations.   The reality is that God never leaves us.  No matter how we feel, the truth is that God is always with us.   

If we spend time reading God’s word and praying, i.e. spend time relaxing in his presence, we will learn to listen to his voice and be able to see the reality of our situation.  Yes, loneliness and isolation from others is with us, but the Lord Almighty is also with us.  Which part of that last sentence are you going to focus on today?

Prayer  Father, thank you that you are always with us and you have promised that you will never leave us nor forsake us.  At this time of enforced isolation enable us to see the truth of our situations, that we are never alone and always have you to talk to.  Help us to live in the light of reality as found in your word.  Amen.