Moneydig and St Giles Kingsway Exchange update, 8th June 2018

Things are a little different in Moneydig this summer for our minster Stuart and his family. Stuart has swapped pulpits with the Rev Tim Bruneau from St Giles Kingsway Presbyterian Church in Toronto .

Tim, along with his wife Kelly and daughters Evelyn, Kya, Vanessa and Lindsey have arrived in Moneydig to an excited welcome.

Stuart, Julia, Robin & Jacob arrived in St Giles Kingsway, Toronto, to a welcome of equal warmth… well that may not be strictly true as the temperature in Toronto is over 30⁰C, which along with the humidity can feel closer to 37⁰C.

Both Stuart and Tim conducted worship in their new environments today, Sunday 8th July, for the first time. Steven Torrens the clerk of session in Moneydig commented on how pleased he was to welcome the Bruneau family to Moneydig. Steven was also keen to encourage as many as possible to come along at 11:30 to Moneydig Presbyterian each Sunday to hear from and meet Tim and his family.

While Tim and his family have been exploring Moneydig, Stuart and his family have been exploring Toronto.

While there has been a lot to see in Toronto, Stuart commented that his experience only really began when he started to meet the people of St Giles Kingsway at worship. It was good to be able to start making new friends, and to meet not only Canadians, but several expats from Northern Ireland.  This included someone who originated from Kells, Ballymena close to where Stuart and his family lived before moving to Moneydig 4 years ago.

New churches and new people are not the only changes the Morrows and Bruneaus have to come to terms with, they both have new houses to explore.


This process has only just begun for both exchange families and their churches.  It is our prayer the next two months will be a blessing to all involved.

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