At Moneydig Presbyterian the young people look forward to Hot Chocolate Friday.

Every Friday afternoon they get off the bus at the manse for Hot Chocolate Friday  and eat lots of donuts, cookies, drink juice and hot chocolate.

Lois said the thing she enjoys the most is being able to go outside while Paul enjoys spending time with his friends.

The weather has been brilliant, and everyone has enjoyed being able to play with Scampi the dog and they have even tried to make friends with Marbles the cat. Olivia has been introduced to all types of nature as she collected lady birds.

The sight of around a dozen young people getting of the school bus created something of a stir as the bus driver wasn’t quite sure what was happening but was grateful for the opportunity of finishing early as the bus emptied every Friday.

The favourite game has been ugy… this Is not a spelling mistake, ugy involves everyone standing in a circle and someone throws a ball in the air calling out someone’s name. The idea is to catch the ball while everyone runs away. Once the ball has been caught everyone stops running and waits for the person with the ball to try and hit someone with it… it is more fun to play than explain.

It has been brilliant being able to take the time to just listen to the young people of Moneydig as they tell their stories and laugh together. Hot chocolate Friday has been a wonderful opportunity for the young people to strengthen their friendships.