This morning’s passage is Ezekiel 36-37

One of the questions Christian’s face on a regular basis is ‘How can you prove there is God?’ It is also one of the most difficult questions to answer. The truth is that often people are looking for quantifiable answers. They are looking for something that can be measured, a result that can be expressed in mathematical fact.

The reason this is such a difficult question for Christians is that God cannot be quantified. God cannot be measured. This does not mean we cannot answer this question. We can point to the earth, the universe and how it all holds together and ask the question, ‘can we really say there is no intelligent design in what we see? Can we really argue the intricacy of the natural world, how the largest of mammals such as the humpback whale is dependant on the smallest of living organisms for food, is really just an accident of evolution.’

We can also point to what God has being doing in our lives and the change he has brought about in us. In Ezekiel’s vision of the dry bones he is presented with a valley of skeletons. Ezekiel is told to prophecy to the bones and as he does so they begin to come to life. They take on sinew, muscle and flesh. Even as the bones are covered with skin, they still have no life. Ezekiel then prophecies to the breath. The breath of God is breathed into the bones and they come to life.

The whole point of this passage to is remind us that without Christ we are dead bones. We are dry and lifeless. It is only in Christ we come to life. Even in coming to Christ it is not us who brings about the change in our lives, we do not come to life because of what we have done.

I will put breath in you, and you will come to life. Then you will know, and you will come to life. Then you will know that I am the Lord.

Ezekiel 37:6

As we come to Christ it is God who breathes new life in us. It is God who covers our dry bones with flesh. How can we prove there is a God? We can prove there is a God because of what he has done in our lives. We know that no-one else can breathe the new life into us as God has. We can show there is a God because of the hope he not only brings but fulfils amidst the dry bones.

Prayer Father, this morning I thank you for the new life you have given me in Jesus Christ. Thank you for the hope of something better amidst the dry bones. Lord I ask that you come afresh by your Spirit and breathe once more, that I would be refreshed; reminded of hope; look forward to something better. In Jesus name, amen.