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The Wednesday night bible study meets every other week at 8pm in the main hall for one hour. It is very informal and is discussion led, that means the questions which people ask can change the direction of the conversation.

The bible study follows one of two patterns, we either look a bit deeper at the Sunday morning sermon, or we work our way through another book of the bible using a bible study book which people have and take home with them. This gives individuals the option of preparing questions ahead of time, or just to come along and follow what is happening on the night.

The important thing for us in the bible study is that people can understand what the passage is saying but also how it applies to everyday life. Our discussions then are very practical in nature, as we work together to discover God’s word to today’s generation.

For me the bible study is a very important way of reading, learning and understanding God’s word. Being able to discuss and share my views and opinions with others is a massive help in my walk with God.  Gillian Wilson

It is because we learn as a community that our bible study develops a real sense of camaraderie and fun. Just because we take the bible seriously doesn’t mean there is no room for laughter. The Wednesday night bible study is also a place where we enjoy one another’s company but more significantly we enjoy the treasures of God’s word. 


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