View from the top of Slieve Donard

Thank you for your interest in the Moneydig and Second Kilrea climb Donard for United Appeal challenge.

The idea of the challenge is that if you climb a normal set of house stairs 360 times you will have climbed the same height as Slieve Donard. If you are up for the challenge then download the record sheet below. Every time you climb the stairs 10 times get someone to sign off your achievement finish all 360 climbs and you’ll have reached the top.

Getting to the top of Donard is an incredible achievement, but what would be even better is if we could help others while we are doing it. If you are able why not ask some family and close friends to sponsor you while you make your climb. Then when you have finished, and when it is safe to collect the money bring it to church and we will give it to the United Appeal.

Happy climbing!