This Sunday we celebrate communion in Moneydig at 12 noon and 7pm. All are welcome to join with us. During this communion season we are thinking about God’s covenant with us. A covenant in which he pursues us after sin meant we were evicted from the Garden of Eden. God’s pursuit ends at the cross when he steps into our shoes in order that we could be readmitted to God’s presence.

God’s pursuit of us leads to our redemption, but not just our redemption but the whole of creation. Everything about this broken world will be put right and made new. This is good news when we look on in despair at the news of 39 people killed in a refrigerated lorry, constant bickering among politicians or the hungry starving while the rich throw away what they can’t eat. All of this will be redeemed in justice and mercy.

Finally God’s covenant sends us out into this hurting world with the good news of a saviour, a message of hope and future glory.

Come and join us this Sunday at 12 noon and 7 pm as we celebrate all God has done for us.

If you would like to listen again to our series on Moses which we just finished last week then click here.